Google has been working on Windows Phone 8 ad banner SDK for nearly a year

Last week, Microsoft announced it had secured deals with a number of third-party online ad networks for Windows Phone app developers. However, the biggest provider of mobile ads, Google's AdMob, has still not released a promised SDK for Windows Phone 8 app developers.

Google released an AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 7 apps in 2011, but so far, Windows Phone 8 developers have been out of luck. This is perhaps even more frustrating since sales of Windows Phone 8-based devices have been far more successful than WP7 smartphones.

In a post on the AdMob support forums in December 2012, Raj Parameswaran, developer programs engineer at Google, said the company was "working on a Windows 8 SDK but don't have anything specific to announce at this time." Since then, the only other message from Parameswaran came in June 2013, and again he wrote, "Unfortunately we haven't got any updates on this. We're still working on a Windows Phone 8 SDK."

We have emailed Google to see if we can get a new update on this promised AdMob SDK. Hopefully this long development process is not another sign of the current feud between Microsoft and Google that has resulted in, among other things, the ban on Microsoft's YouTube app for Windows Phone users by Google.

Source: Google via WMPoweruser | Image via Google

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