Google now allows you view your search history, save it locally

Although it was previously possible to download your Google search history, it was only available for a select few or was accomplished via unofficial methods. Luckily, Google has now opened up the archive download service and will allow you to download your Internet search history in a couple easy steps.

In order to start the process, you will first have to login to your Google account. After you have logged in, you'll want to navigate to Google's search homepage. Towards the bottom right hand corner of the page you should see a link for "settings".

By clicking the settings link, you will be able to access a "history" tab that will show you your previous search history. The search history is fairly detailed with logs by the minute and your hourly search activity. Navigating to the top right hand corner of the search history page, you will see a gear icon that once clicked will have a download option. From this point, you will simply need to follow the directions which will give you access to download your search history.

Although it may seem kind of strange to want to download your search history, it could come in handy for those that are trying to recover pieces of information from the past.

Source: Google Operating System Blog via SlashGear

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