Google Photos Live Albums capped at 10,000 pictures, pauses uploads after it's reached

Live Albums, announced a few weeks ago, is a nifty feature that rolled out to Google Photos users, allowing for photos to be automatically added to certain albums based on their content. For example, an album that's been assigned to amass "Photos of Sarah" will begin to collect every single photo of what Google Photos' AI recognizes to be pictures of a person in your contacts named Sarah.

It now appears that there's a previously unspecified cap on the number of photos a Live Album can hold - 10,000; with shared Live Albums limited to 20,000. Upon reaching those limits, users are presented with a pesky "Live album paused" alert, which, as specified, prevents any new photos from being added to one.

As of now, there's no way to go around this limitation beyond manually cleaning up less-than-optimal photos that end up in this massive pile; Google's AI that recognizes the nicer snaps in a batch - present, for instance, inside the Pixel 3 camera's Top Shot feature - doesn't currently operate within Google Photos.

If this is a pressing issue for you - as it is sure to be for many - you can present feedback to Google on the subject over here, in the hopes that the company sees fit to make the necessary changes to it eventually.

Source: Google Photos (Twitter), Google Photos forums via Android Police

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