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Shazam begins to alert users of Apple acquisition, merges privacy policy with Apple's

Back in September, Apple officially announced its acquisition of Shazam, the popular service that is able to quickly recognise songs by listening to small snippets.

Starting today, the Shazam app will alert users to the fact that it is now an Apple-owned service, with a webpage elaborating on what will happen to their data. It is to be transferred overs to Apple's servers, where it will henceforth be governed by Apple's privacy policy.

The same page also presents users with the option to thoroughly delete all of their stored Shazam data, including but not limited to user IDs and Facebook login credentials. Tagged music will continue to be stored locally. It will, however, no longer sync across devices and will be permanently lost upon uninstalling the app.

Analytic logs - i.e. information on how users handle the app - won't be erased in this process, but they will no longer be identifiable to a user. Consequently, those who will use the app without having signed into any account in it can continue doing so anonymously; Shazam's data will not be identifiable to them in any way.

You can download Shazam for Android from the Play Store here, and iOS users, of course, can get it here from the App Store.

Image via MacRumors

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