Google Pixel 4a 5G leak compares it to the Pixel 5

In just a week, Google is going to announce its next Pixel devices, the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5. It's only a couple of months after the Pixel 4a was launched, but that has more to do with the device being delayed. Yesterday, a leak confirmed just about everything there is to know about the Pixel 5, and now, it's time for some Pixel 4a 5G leaks, thanks to WinFuture.

The report frames the leak in a way that compares it to the Pixel 5. After all, both are going to be 5G devices, and moreover, they'll both use the Snapdragon 765G. Yes, Google is ditching the Snapdragon 8 Series in the Pixel 5. Aside from the chipset, the cameras are also the same, and they'll both get dual-lens cameras.

Both screens are OLED with 2340x1080 resolutions, although the 6.2-inch display on the Pixel 4a 5G is a bit bigger than the six-inch one on the Pixel 5. What's missing, however, is the 90Hz refresh rate on the 4a 5G. Both devices come with 128GB of onboard storage, although the Pixel 4a 5G has 6GB RAM instead of 8GB. It also has a smaller battery at 3,800mAh instead of 4,000mAh.

Both devices support 18W charging, although unsurprisingly, you won't find wireless charging in the Pixel 4a 5G. The device is made out of polycarbonate, it's 8.2mm thick (153.9x74x8.2mm are the full dimensions), and it weighs 168g. The Pixel 5 is lighter at 151g.

Google will be announcing the devices at an event next week, but it's already confirmed the price of the Pixel 4a 5G, and it will cost $499.

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