Google's head of hardware design confimed a second foldable Pixel was canceled

Google was worked on a second foldable

In a recent podcast, Ivy Ross, head of design for hardware products at Google, confirmed the existence of a canceled second foldable phone. While details about the device remain scarce, Ross emphasized the company's commitment to delivering a product that surpassed existing foldable offerings, leading them to hold back on its release.

Google's decision to scrap the second foldable Pixel highlights the company's dedication to quality and innovation. Ross expressed pride in the team's discipline and determination to wait until they could create something "good enough or better than what was out there already."

Rumors have been circulating that Google was working on a foldable phone with a clamshell design, similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip series. Although it is unclear whether the canceled and rumored devices are the same, Ross's confirmation suggests that Google explored alternative form factors for its foldable devices.

While Google's intentions regarding the clamshell design remain uncertain, it seems probable that the company could eventually release a flip-style foldable phone.

Google Pixel Fold NBA Commercial

A folding Pixel in a clamshell design would have filled a notable gap in Google's product lineup. With the Pixel Fold priced at $1,799 and the upcoming Pixel 8 series expected to top at $1,000, there currently needs to be a mid-range option for a stock Android experience on a foldable phone.

Ross's revelation of Google's plans for a potential clamshell foldable underscores the possibility of future competition between Google and Samsung in this segment. Google's decision not to launch the second foldable device likely came as a relief for Samsung, especially considering the incremental upgrades expected in its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The canceled second foldable Pixel phone may never see the light of day. However, confirming its existence provides an intriguing glimpse into Google's ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of smartphone design.

Source: Made by Google Podcast

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