Google slashes Nexus 6 prices in UK, now available from just £304

There's a lot to like about Google's Nexus 6, the Motorola-made handset that it first unveiled last October, as one of the showcase devices for Android 5.0 Lollipop. But while the giant smartphone has plenty of appeal, its high price - at least, compared with the earlier Nexus 5 - has certainly been a bit off-putting for some potential buyers.

But if you're in the UK, and you've been considering a Nexus 6, now might just be the perfect time to buy, as Google has quietly slashed the cost of the high-end handset.

When it first launched, the unlocked 32GB model was priced at £499 in the UK, and the 64GB model cost £549. While some retailers have reduced prices since then - the handset is available for £399/£449 from Carphone Warehouse, for example - Motorola is still selling it for £479/£549.

But the Google Store is now listing the Nexus 6 at far lower prices: the new price for the unlocked 32GB model is £303.99, while the 64GB model will set you back £378.99.

Curiously, there's no indication anywhere that this is a limited-time promotional discount, but that remains a possibility - so if you're thinking about going for it, don't wait too long.

Source: Google Store via Engadget

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