Google to reveal pricing, launch info, and exclusive games for Stadia this summer

Google made a big splash at this year's Game Developer Conference with the announcement of Stadia, its game streaming service which will allow users to play their games on any device of their choice. Despite showing off some interesting features, such as YouTube integration, Google Assistant, and multi-GPU support, Google didn't reveal a lot in the way of actual details.

That means that, so far, we don't know when the service will launch, how much it will cost, or what games will be available on it, beyond a couple of titles shown off at the event. But now, we at least have an idea of when that will change. Google's Stadia account on Twitter today sent out a teaser, promising that the company will reveal more information this summer.

Earlier today, Microsoft confirmed that Project xCloud, its anticipated Google Stadia rival, is technically compatible with over 3,500 games that are currently available on Xbox One, including games available through Backwards Compatibility. That gives Microsoft a huge library of titles to start with, and Google will have to invest significantly to build the same kind of relationship with developers and publishers to be able to compete.

Google didn't specifically say when it will reveal this information, while Microsoft is set to shine more light on Project xCloud at this year's E3. Presumably, its Mountain View rival won't want to wait around for long to play its own cards.

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