Google working on child-friendly versions of Youtube, Chrome and others

Google is working on child friendly versions of its most popular services such as Chrome and Youtube with a vague launch date of 2015.

Getting the internet right when it comes to kids is both very important and very difficult. That being said it looks like the search giant is taking the challenge head-on with Google confirming earlier rumors and announcing they would release child accessible versions of their browsers and other services where kids would “be more than just pure consumers of tech, but creators, too.”

Though Google didn’t disclose any more specifics, a VP of engineering, Pavni Diwanji, talked to USA Today and gave on example of the type of thinking that’s going into these revamped products. She recounted a story about her daughter searching online for “trains” with the expectation of finding Thomas the Tank Engine. Instead Google returned the schedule for Amtrak.

If the company does manage to make more secure versions of their popular products, ones that would return only child-friendly results from trusted sources, they could potentially be a huge hit with parents everywhere who’ll no longer have to worry about what their children are doing online – at least to some degree.

And the hint that these program could also teach children about technology and coding at the same time would no doubt be a huge bonus.

We’ll have to wait and see how well Google does, once their products come out next year.

Source: USA Today via: ArsTechnica

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