Google working to let health apps integrate with Assistant for easier health tracking

A recent teardown of the beta version of the Google app on Android has revealed strings that suggest that Google might be working to integrate health apps with the Assistant. The company aims to let users easily access tracked sleep data and other health-related information right from the assistant through voice commands.

The term “sleep_account_linking” and corresponding descriptions suggest that users will be able to choose to integrate their health service accounts to the Assistant and receive responses about sleep quality and other such queries on the app and on Assistant-enabled speakers that have personal results turned on. Health services can include apps like Fitbit that collates data from fitness trackers.

Your Assistant will get access to your %1$s sleep data. Google Assistant will use this data to answer your sleep-related questions across your devices that have personal results turned on.

Additionally, the content found in the teardown also suggests that the Assistant will be able to automatically provide data and health suggestions for those that have “proactive health and fitness results”. The description of the feature also suggests that users’ audio queries will be deleted after the request is completed. However, text from the query might be used to “troubleshoot, develop, and improve Assistant services”. Those that want to stop receiving any of this information or suggestions can unlink their services from settings.

The addition of this feature will negate the need for users to navigate to specific health apps and manually check the desired metrics, proving to be useful for those that rely on such apps to keep a track of sleep patterns or other fitness-related goals. It will not be surprising to see Google-owned Fitbit be one of the first providers to integrate with the Assistant if the feature does make it to the app.

Source: 9to5Google

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