Google's Datally app introduces two new ways to help you save data

Back in November of last year, Google launched a new app called Datally, aimed at emerging markets and users with limited mobile data plans. The app provides users with a number of ways to manage how much data is being used by their device, allowing them to track usage on a time basis, but also to see which apps specifically are using data. It also makes it possible to block apps from using mobile data altogether.

Today, the company is introducing two more features to make the Datally even more useful for those who need to keep an eye on their data usage. First, there's Emergency Bank, which lets users set a specific amount of mobile data they want to save. You can set the total balance of data available, the amount of emergency data you want to keep, and Datally will block apps from using any more data once that point is reached. You can then choose to use the emergency data when you find it necessary.

Second, there's Bedtime Mode, which basically prevents apps from using mobile data at night while the user is sleeping. Some apps like to use mobile data in the background to receive updates or notifications, but that's probably not necessary while the user is sleeping, so this feature should be welcome for a lot of people.

The new features are available starting today, and Google hasn't specified if they're arriving in specific markets first, so it should be a global rollout. If you often find yourself struggling to make it through the month with your data allowance, you can download Datally from the Play Store. Just make sure to use Wi-Fi.

Source: Google via MSPU

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