Google's Gmail Motion turned reality thanks to Kinect

Every year Google have a habit of releasing a prank  for April Fools day. This year they released Gmail Motion which they claimed allowed you to do specific motions and the motions in turn would trigger commands. Such example being pointing over your shoulder, would be the motion for the back command.

Well a YouTuber by the name ramaprasanna decided that he wanted to make Google April fool into a reality. By using Microsoft Kinect, he successfully reproduce all the commands shown in Google’s explanation video by spending a small amount of time, in precisely two hours he was able to write 60 lines of code and make the prank a reality.

Additional to displaying his control over Gmail, he also displayed that he had also control over Microsoft’s Live services.

This is another testament to the power that Kinect holds and shows that it really is beyond a gaming console. Soon after Kinect’s release we saw people doing similar hacks and the results were similarly amazing showing the true power of the device.

It appeared that the coolness of the hacks and some good marketing by Microsoft (mainly the marketing) saw Kinect hit 10 million units sold, beating the iPad’s sales record. It’s main rival upon release, the Playstation Move was also unsurprisingly beaten outselling it by over a million in March.

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