Halo: Reach Limited and Legendary Editions revealed

We now know that Halo: Reach is days away from being feature complete, and with it being Bungie’s last hurrah in their hit franchise in the foreseeable future, they are going all-out with the Legendary Edition of the game.

Starting at the lower end, Bungie will offer a Limited Edition for $79.99 that will ship in special ONI “Black Box” packaging. It will include an exclusive in-game Elite armor set, and an “artifact bag” that will contain “documents and effects that unravel long held secrets from the Halo universe."

The Legendary Edition is where it is clear just how big of a send-off this title is meant to be. Coming in at an incredible $149.99, it will include all of the contents of the Limited Edition, a flaming Spartan helmet for use in multiplayer, and a hand-painted, numbered 10” statue of the game’s protagonists, Noble Team, that weighs-in at 10 pounds. 

Publishers have continued to incentivize purchases of premium priced “limited edition” releases, and this looks to be one of the most ambitious attempts yet. While Bungie promises that the Legendary Edition will be produced in “very limited quantities,” remember, Halo 3’s Legendary Edition that included a cat-sized Master Chief helmet wasn’t so limited and could be found for the same price as the stand-alone game some months after release.

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