Here are the first hardware specs for Microsoft's new Surface Hub

One of the new pieces of hardware unveiled by Microsoft at its Windows 10 event on Wednesday was its Surface Hub, a TV workspace with pen input. And while the company has already started promoting its functionalities, we’re just starting to learn what the device features under the hood.

Microsoft designed two Surface Hub models: a 55- and 84-inch version, both of which are supposed to enhance a team’s ability to communicate, collaborate and share their ideas. Microsoft showed off how the device works on stage, but here are some of the tech specs:

  • 55-inch display at 1080p or 84-inch at 4K
  • Displays locked at 120 HZ for no-lag writing
  • Optically bounded displays for extra clarity (as on the Surface Pro)
  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous touch points
  • Supports up to 3 pens simultaneously
  • Powered by Intel Core CPUs
  • 2 x 1080p cameras and a mic array
  • HDMI, Miracast, NFC, Bluetooth, USB ports
  • Powered by a slightly modified version of Windows 10

Of course, this isn’t the full list of specs and features, as Microsoft hasn’t shared the final details about Surface Hub. We expect to see a few more differences between the two versions of the device before it finally reaches market.

Despite the lack of concrete details, Microsoft already has an interesting proposition for professionals, companies and even home offices. Microsoft also affirmed its mission is to make the Surface Hub as affordable as it can.

More information about the final versions and pricing of the Surface Hub will arrive closer to the launch of Windows 10.

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