Here's how Microsoft is training retail staff to pitch Windows 10

Later this month, Microsoft will release Windows 10 and millions of machines around the world will begin the process of starting to update to the new OS. While not everyone will get the bits on the 29th, Microsoft's marketing machine will fire up which means retail staff around the world need to be trained on the OS.

To help bring the world up to speed on the OS, Microsoft has a portal it calls Expert Zone, where retail professionals can learn about the new OS. The site has been recently updated with information about Windows 10 and gives us a good look at how the company is going to pitch the OS.

The basic pitch is that "Windows 10 is familiar but better than ever. With a personal and natural experience that works seamlessly across all of your devices, there's no better way to get stuff done".

The training material focuses around four key areas: Feels familiar and better than ever, Work across all of your devices, The most personal and natural experience, and Be more productive. Each document goes into light detail about some of the high level features and presents them in a semi-casual way; this type of information is watered down so that it is easy to use in conversation; the documents are posted below.

Training retail staff is a critical step for Microsoft as the retail employee is the typically the first encounter a consumer will have to educate them on the benefits of the OS besides commercials. If the retail channel is not able to effectively pitch Windows 10, it will be detrimental to Microsoft's goal of reaching one billion devices in the next three years.

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