New Lumia could feature a front-facing flash camera

While it has been a disappointingly long wait for a new Lumia flagship, Microsoft whetted the appetites of Windows Phone 10 Mobile fans, eager to shell out their hard earned cash for something more than the low-end Lumias that are currently saturating the Windows Phone market, by announcing the tiers they will be targeting following the release of its new OS sometime in the fall.

Evan Blass, better known under the moniker @evleaks, has followed up on Microsoft's renewed commitment to the platform by teasing us with the question "Has there yet been a Windows Phone with a front-facing flash?" and later confirmed it to be more than a question, but also a tease.

His track record for inside info has been very good in the past, so we can probably expect to see Microsoft including a front-facing flash on at least one of its new devices. It should also be noted that Samsung is also planning to release two new phones, the J5 and J7, featuring front-facing flash too, and Lenovo has already released one that we had a 'hands on' with back in March.

Despite Microsoft's neglect for the flagship range since it purchased the devices and services division from Nokia more than a year ago, it has been able to release some very good low-to-middle range Lumias with specs far better than those of its rivals. We may see this trend continue with its new smartphones, as it will definitely have a fight on its hands to muster more than the measly 3-4 percent of the global market it currently has.

And what with the selfie craze definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, it seems logical to beef up on a much-used smartphone feature moving forward.

Via @evleaks

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