Here's the best look yet at the white Xbox One Launch Team console

In August, word leaked out that Microsoft was giving the employees who worked at their Interactive Entertainment division a white Xbox One console and controller for free with special labeling and more extras. Two of those consoles have since been put up for auction to raise money for charity, with one bought for $11,300.

However, the images of the white Xbox One that have been posted on the net have been pretty low res and blurry for the most part. That changed this week as someone, most likely a Microsoft team member, posted up high res photos of the rare console on Imgur. Those photos were later removed from the site but not before Kotaku managed to grab them.

The white finish on the Launch Team console really looks slick in the new images, and we really hope that Microsoft decides to release an Xbox One with a similar look to the general public.

Just a reminder; in addition to the white console and controller, the Xbox One Launch Team version has its own Xbox Live achievement code to unlock. In addition, there's an "I Made This" Label on both the console and controller. It also comes with one free year of Xbox Live Gold and all of Microsoft's Xbox One launch titles. All in all, it's an impressive perk for working at Microsoft's Xbox division.

Source: Kotaku | Images via Kotaku

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