Hot plates and chopping boards are all in a day's work for Oukitel's new phones

In yet another unique way of showing off just how durable and powerful their mobile phones are, Oukitel has released two new videos on to the internet.

The first video shows the Oukitel U7 Pro phone's 5.5-inch screen being used as a chopping board with various vegetables and knives being used, while showing no signs of any damage to the screen. The video shows the knives touching the glass, so it is a pretty interesting sign of the durability of the screen they have attached to the cheap $69.99 device.

Despite the clear durability of the screen, the Oukitel U7 Pro is a very basic mobile phone overall. It comes with a 5.5-inch display running at 1280x720, a 13-megapixel rear camera and just 8GB of internal storage. The device is also only powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor and comes with 1GB of ram.

The second video has ten of the company's long rumoured Oukitel K10000 phones powering up an electric hot plate, which then gets hot enough to boil water and cook noodles.

The Oukitel K10000 is an upcoming device which comes with a 10,000mAh battery, which makes the last video less surprising when you consider the ten mobile phones used bring it up to a whopping 100,000mAh of power, easily enough to power a hot plate for a certain amount of time. Previously, the company also showed how a K6000 phone was able to reverse-charge up to four other smartphones.

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