How much is Microsoft betting on Windows 8? Nearly $2 billion, Forbes says

It's no secret that the launch of Windows 8 will be one of the most important – and biggest – in Microsoft's history. But how big is Microsoft going to make it? Very big, if a Forbes report is accurate.

The business magazine says Microsoft will spend an estimated $1.5 to $1.8 billion for the new operating system's marketing campaign alone. That campaign is so big, said one analyst, that it is "on a scale you don’t see outside presidential elections." By comparison, Microsoft spent just $200 million on the marketing campaign for Windows 95. Even adjusted for inflation, that amount today would still be less than $300 million.

Some of the impact of that campaign is already being seen around the United States. Microsoft recently launched a large billboard in Time Square promoting its upcoming Surface tablet, which launches on the same day, Oct. 26, as Windows 8.

Microsoft has also launched other advertisements for Surface in recent months, including many graffiti-style temporary ads in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Earlier this month, more traditional advertisements began appearing in subway stations and other areas where major foot traffic takes place.

In addition to advertisements, Microsoft will be opening more than 30 temporary stores at malls across the United States and Canada for the Oct. 26 launch of Windows 8 and Surface.

Source: Forbes | Image via E.J. Coughlin

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