HP to decide PC division's fate by end of October

Ever since mid-August, when HP announced that it was looking at alternatives for its PC division, the tech world has been wondering when the company will make its decision final. Reuters reports that HP's new CEO Meg Whitman told a conference on Tuesday that the company will reveal whether or not it will spin off the PC business by the end of October. Previously HP said, before Whitman came on board in late September, that the company would made this decision by the end of 2011.

In explaining this move, Whitman said, "I want to make that decision much faster than the previous CEO. Uncertainty is not our friend. People are wondering whether to buy HP products."  While HP has said in the past that it has been leaning towards spinning off the PC division, which is still the single biggest PC maker in the world, it has recently been hinting that it might decide to keep the PC portion of its business in-house.

Whitman said on Tuesday that she had a number of priorities in her quest to improve the troubled HP, saying, "I have quite a clear vision of what needs to be done here. After 35 years in business, I’m not in search of a manual." Whitman was previously CEO of eBay and more recently tried to become California's governor. Even that attempt helped her to take on the task of being in charge at HP, with Whitman saying, "I’m far better equipped to run HP today than I was had I not run for governor. I’m a lot tougher. I’ve got a skin that’s 100 times thicker than when I left eBay."

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