ICANN considers freeing up single-letter domains

Once upon a time, single-letter domain names. with a few exceptions, were set aside due to concerns that the central .com registry may have to be split to handle the volume. Since we now know that the DNS servers can handle more than 40 million domain names without a problem, ICANN is considering making single-letter domain names available to the public. The question, however, is how to go about it.

"Obviously this is a valuable commodity," said Kurt Pritz, ICANN's vice-president for business operations. Some have likened it to opening Central Park in NYC to developers.

It is expected that single-letter domains, if sold at auction, would be worth in excess of US$100,000 each. At the moment, only Quest Communications (q.com), Paypal (x.com) and Nissan Motors (z.com) have single-letter .com domain names but Yahoo has already applied for a trademark on y.com even though it is not yet available.

Single-letter domain names could be available as soon as next year. In addition to .com domains, it is expected that ICANN will also consider making single-letter .net and .org domains available.

News source: The Globe and Mail
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