Images leak of possible new 5-inch flagship Lumia on the way

The screen does not show any branding on top (click for larger)

Chinese website WPDang, which has a good track record of leaks in the past, is reporting that it has been able to obtain images showing what appears to be a new Lumia in manufacturing sporting a 5-inch screen, though not much more is known about the device as only the front screen is shown.

This shows the back of the screen (click for larger)

The website goes on to say that the screen doesn't appear to allow for a earpiece/microphone or camera provision at all, with the screen taking up the entirety of the glass.

According to "netizens" who also posted information about the images on Chinese social network Baidu;

‚ÄčThis display is not all on the market for Windows Phone devices exist. The screen is 4.99 inches HD. This model is particularly strict Jizhun Ka-screen, picture quality is very delicate, and is a wholly-fitting screen is very thin. Although full-fit screen but I found there did not reserve the handset port front camera! Denial of all models on the market. - (translated from Chinese using Google Chrome)

Basically, the person claims that the screen does not conform to Lumia standards where the top portion must allow for earpiece and camera.

Along with the presence of physical buttons, we can only assume this is heading to the flagship line up, and we may see some striking differences between this and the older Nokia branded Lumias. Of course, this may just be a factory test, with the screens being used to show off build quality instead of actually being destined for a device.

No earpiece or Microsoft branding is present

And last but not least, the absence of the Microsoft branding at the top of the screen, which further adds to the confusion of how this device will end up looking.

Did Microsoft receive negative feedback with the Microsoft branding on the front of the Lumia 535? Is this screen destined for a different OEM altogether or is this all just a big hoax? We won't know until we learn more about this device, but that may only happen next year.

Source & Images: WPDang | Thanks for the tip Answer1626!

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