Infographic: The Printed Word and a Time of Choice

The technology boom which saw the rise of sophisticated laptop and tablet technology may lead some to believe that the people are less inclined to consume printed media. This “UK Printing: The Facts and Figures” infographic can shed some light on this hypothesis.

The infographic looks at the countries with the largest printing industries, including the USA, UK and Japan, and explores the sectors in which printing is most prominent. It also reveals the specific areas of UK advertising expenditures. This information indicates that despite technological advancements, there is still a thriving printing industry in the UK and across the globe, with 33 billion USD spent on printing output in 2010 in the UK, and a whopping 198 billion USD spent in the USA in 2010.

While it is certainly common to see passengers clutching e-books on the commute to work, it is even more common to see people reading the crisp early morning papers, or glossy magazines. As the UK is the fifth largest printing country in the world, this comes as no surprise. In fact, most of the printing in the UK is spent on advertising literature (34%) and newspapers, magazines and books (30%). Additionally, there is still a large industry based around the printed word. From theatre programmes, academic journals, works of literature, newspapers, billboards, and tickets of all kind, printing is still paramount in many industries.

The average office space is still equipped with pens, paper, and a laser printer to produce reports and findings. This is not to say that the electronic revolution hasn’t had a monumental impact. It has, and everything from electronic train tickets to online newspapers allows individuals more freedom of mobility than ever before. This does not, however, change the fact that most of the world runs on paper, and this paper is supported by a strong paper industry.

Industries change and evolve with modulating needs. While some newspapers are now only available in a digital format, other advertisers and publishes are re-doubling their efforts in the paper industry, allowing people to own a tangible piece of history. In the end it is clear that we are now in a time of unparalleled choice, so explore for yourself and enjoy the options before you. 

Data Source: British Print

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