iPad 3 concept isn't real, but looks truly awesome

On Wednesday, Apple will announce its new iPad 3, and without having even seen the new tablet, we can confidently assume that it’s going to be pretty impressive. We’re expecting a high-resolution Retina Display, 4G LTE connectivity options and an uprated processor, in a package that’s roughly the same size as the iPad 2 (perhaps ever so slightly thicker), and at a similar price point to the current tablet.

But there are a few features and specs that we’d love to see in an iPad, but which we can’t reasonably expect Apple to deliver right now, however much we might wish for it to be so. Luckily, the talented 3D animators from Aatma Studio have stepped into make our dreams a little bit more real, putting together a stunning video that showcases an imaginary iPad 3 concept with a set of features that we probably shouldn’t be expecting at this week’s official announcement.

Here’s an overview of some of the concept’s fantastic specs:

  • Edge-to-edge 2560x1440px holographic Retina Display
  • Internal magnets to connect multiple iPads, via NFC technology
  • Projectors on device edges, providing interactive controls on a flat surface
  • 12MP camera with LED flash

Enjoy the awesome:

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