iPhone bug creates angry bosses across Europe as alarms fail

New Zealand was hit by a nasty iPhone Daylight Savings bug in late September after the country turned off DST.

The New Zealand case meant iPhone owners were awoken an hour early from their deep sleep. Apple's latest DST bug has affected those in Europe today after alarms failed to go off on time and triggered an hour late. The bug appears to affect those who use repeating alarms that aren't set to "every day" according to gadget blog Engadget. If you have a recurring alarm that's set to repeat every day or an alarm that doesn't repeat then you're safe. In other words - you're setting the alarm wrong. Thousands of users took to twitter to vent their frustration at the bug which created a lot of unhappy bosses as workers turned up late to work.

Apple has acknowledged the bug and plans to fix it in the next software update, 4.2, due this month. The issue is the latest in a series of embarassing bugs for Apple. Last week it was unveiled that the security code on an iPhone device running iOS 4.1 could be bypassed by using a simple set of steps. Simply hitting "emergency call" followed by three pound signs and hiting the green call button immediately followed by the lock button will give thieves access to contact information, photos, voicemail and call history. Apple also acknowleged the security flaw and promised a fix in the next software update.

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