iPod Updater 2004-11-15

Thanks Davidrm. The iPod mini users can now enjoy the features that were exclusive to iPod G4 and iPod Picture when they upgrade their firmware.

Apple has released a new firmware version for its popular portable music player - iPod - leaving some G3 users a mixed emotions (and hopes) on the chance of having their players "beefed up" too. The software upgrade for G3 users may never happen if Apple wants to maintain the bar of differences between the iPod G3 and G4. iPod mini, by itself, already yields for a different group of audience so confusions and conflicts of interests isn't really the case; that could be how this upgrade came to be.

New Updates for iPod mini

  • Compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and the iTunes Music Store

  • Create multiple On-The-Go playlists

  • Shuffle and play song library with one click

  • Delete songs from On-The-Go playlists

  • Select reading playback speed for audiobooks

  • Hear Click Wheel clicker through headphones

  • Sync and go with improved disconnect performance

    New Updates for Click Wheel iPods (iPod G4)

  • Compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and the iTunes Music Store

  • Improved USB 2.0 connectivity

    Download: iPod Updater 2004-11-15

    View: iPod Web site

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