Iran's TV network claims the BBC hacked their website

The government of Iran has been the target of Internet hacking in the past. Some of those attacks have been sponsored by other governments, like the Stuxnet worm that was released in 2010 and went after Iran's nuclear research program. Now the state-run television network of Iran has accused another state-sponsored TV network of hacking into its website. reports that Iran's TV network believes the UK-based British Broadcasting Corporation changed the results of an online poll that dealt with the subject of Iran's nuclear program. The BBC's Persian service claimed that 63 percent of the people who participated in the poll said they would be in favor of stopping Iran's uranium enrichment program in order to lift the current economic sanctions that most of the world have placed against the country.

Iran's TV network claims that the BBC changed the results of the poll on their site and that only 24 percent of those who voted were actually in favor of halting the nuclear enrichment program. says that a BBC statement denies any hacking efforts on their part, saying, "There is a significant audience within Iran which depends on BBC Persian to provide impartial and trusted news, and we are confident they are familiar with the state media's tactics."


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