iROSE closing rumours are false!

For the past few months, players and gaming websites have been reporting that iRose (R.O.S.E.) will be closing around mid-august. ROSE developers decided to step in and say that those reports are false and iROSE is not planning to close in mid-august. Although ROSE will eventually go pay to play, it will not happen yet.

R.O.S.E. (Rush on Seven Episodes) is an interactive MMORPG which truly excels the standards in both graphics and gameplay. The galaxy of ROSE consists of 7 planets. Each planet has its own unique look, mood and charactaristic. The ultimate goal of R.O.S.E Online is to learn more your role as a Visitor, and take an active part in the world of R.O.S.E Online as the main story unfolds. Depending on your discoveries and actions, you may either play an involved role in the main story, or have your own adventures.


-7 Planets to travel, train, interact and perform quests

-Players can form groups and fight to dominate a planet(s)

-3 forms of transportation (Cart, Castle Gear and Flying Vessel)

-You may join union at level 30 to unfold many more quests

This is just a scratch of what ROSE brings to you. Try it and see for yourself.

Screenshot: Screenshots

Download: Download ROSE

View: Official ROSE Website

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