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Is Lulzsec coming back?

After their betrayal at the hands of Sabu, we thought Lulzsec was probably done for good, but a new video has surfaced on YouTube claiming that not only is Lulzsec still hanging in there, but they're planning to release 3 terabytes of brand new "lulz" in the near future.

The video consists of a text crawl set against music eerily reminiscent of the Star Wars theme (with some Nyan Cat thrown in there for good measure), followed by a special 'message to the people' read by what sounds like Siri's long lost sister. For your convenience, here's a transcript of the text crawl:

The oppressive powers behind the Evil empire have used Darth Sabu to seed mistrusting amongst the inhabitants of the planet Anonymous. The Old Order of the Knights of the Lulz, hunted and exterminated by FBI Siths, have gone into the shadows. Those who have survived are secretly preparing to revenge and meditating about the events...

Meanwhile the ruling Empire has started building the Death Laws, to be used to control freedom and the spread of information on the Internet. Frustration has started to show up amongst the different nations, and some groups called Occupy have started to revolt against this imposed dictatorial regime, becoming a danger for the ruling system. The Occupies were declared illegal, and they are currently being monitored and imprisoned.

A new dark age for the humankind has begun and all dissident voices are being shut down. This new Slavery is spreading along every corner of the universe; the Empire has seized control of The Knowledge seeking to render the population ignorant and incapable of rising effectively against the new order. Obscurantism is slowing replacing the vacuum left by the lack of intelligent and access to information. Some rebels have left the law to become pirates, sailing cyberspace to carry information from remote ports to near ones.

In a secret and distant IRC, some knights are coordinating plans and analyzing TBs of data they have taken from the empire. This new council is carrying on secret missions all around the Internet to take control over strategic assets; with the new life in the shadows, a new hope is growing, again, amongst the knights...

So, is it a hoax? A secret government plot to ensnare the last remnants of the Lulzian Order? Or are the last remnants of Lulz really planning to reveal themselves again? Who knows; the video goes on to list a number of websites from which the 3 TBs of data are being drawn, including everything from State.gov to the Syrian governments private mail system. Oh, yeah, there's some stuff about Sabu, too.

The video ends by encouraging 'The People' to find liberation and 'awesomeness' within themselves by taking their 'f***ing computer' and 'coding their freedom'. Sounds like Lulz to us; if they're serious, we should know before too long.

Via: Voovode
Source: YouTube (possibly NSFW)

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