iTunes 9 rumors suggest social networking features, Blu-Ray

If there's a technology rumor around the Internet, there's a pretty good chance it's about Apple; the company prides itself on keeping announcements secret, and with that, there are plenty of people who are willing to reveal information. This time around, we've got our hands on some rumors about the next version of Apple's media software, iTunes 9, and some of the features it could potentially pack. Boy Genius Report has the details.

They describe their source as "pretty reliable", who has tipped them off with a bunch of various upcoming features in the software. Firstly, Blu-Ray support is expected; Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, previously described the technology as a "bag of hurt", though now the company may be making a turn-around on that, as the format is becoming increasingly adopted. To add to this, it's expected that Blu-Ray will be included within the upcoming iMac revamp, so there's a pretty good chance that it'll happen.

There's another potential new feature that would satisfy a lot of people, and that is a new way of visually arranging iPhone/iPod touch applications within iTunes. It's not quite explained how this will work, but either way, it would most likely be better than the current solution. Last of all, it's expected that iTunes 9 will feature integration with Twitter, Facebook and BGR says they weren't very clearly described, but it's pretty obvious how they'll work, and the purpose they'll serve.

If you're keen on this, it's expected to hit around September, as that's when the iPod refresh usually happens.

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