Judge in Samsung-Apple case: Please try to settle

The legal fight between Samsung and Apple in a San Jose, California courtroom started a couple of weeks ago and is continuing today. But the judge in the case apparently thinks it would be better for the two feuding tech companies to try and settle their differences beforehand.

News.com reports that during the trial today, US District Court judge Lucy Koh gave a piece of advice for both of Samsung and Apple's lawyers: "If you can have your CEOs have one last conversation, I'd appreciate it." Judge Koh believes that if the court case goes all the way through, the final verdict from the jury could be bad for both sides. Koh added, "If you all want to keep over-reaching, it's up to you. But I think it would be better to streamline this case."

The statements came as Samsung's lawyers try to push their arguments in the trial, with Apple claiming that Samsung stole their design ideas for their smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablets from Apple's iPhone and iPad. Reuters reports that Samsung countered those arguments in court on Tuesday, claiming via an expert witness that it was Apple who violated Samsung's patents in their iPhone and iPad design.

Apple and Samsung's lawyers are expected to give their closing statements in the trial sometime next week, after which it will go to the jury, assuming a settlement is not reached ahead of time.

Source: News.com

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