Judge orders evidence against MegaUpload to be shown

The ongoing case against the now-closed MegaUpload file sharing site and its operators took yet another turn today. News.com reports that New Zealand judge David Harvey has given law enforcement officials three weeks to produce the evidence that they claim shows the organizers of MegaUpload were engaging in online piracy acts.

The order comes after the lawyers for MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom and the other men involved asked to see the evidence against their clients. So far, the New Zealand and US government have only shown a few emails and documents pertaining to the case to the defense.

MegaUpload attorney Ira Rothken stated:

I think this is a very significant ruling for New Zealand because it demonstrates that New Zealand courts will intervene to protect the rights of its residents from foreign intrusion...we're looking forward to this disclosure. Once there is full transparency into the government's claims we believe Kim DotCom and the rest of those involved with MegaUpload will prevail.

Kim Dotcom and several other MegaUpload team members were arrested and charged in January by New Zealand and US authorities. Dotcom was removed from the rented mansion he was living in at the time. Today, Judge Harvey ruled that Dotcom can now move back into that mansion. The judge also ruled that the the electronic monitoring device placed on Dotcom's ankle after his arrest can now be removed.

Source: News.com

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