Kazaa 1.6 out, new XP interface etc...

Thanks go to Warp2Search for this great heads up.

KaZaA has been updated to 1.6... What's new :-

  • Cool New Interface

    Our first major interface overhaul in a year! Give your KMD that 'XP Look'! And this is not all we are doing in the interface department... stand by for something special!

  • Recommendations Open New Possibilities

    New to the My KaZaA view is a powerful recommendation engine. The first of its kind in a p2p application.

  • Family Filter Lets You Choose

    Configure KMD to filter your selections. Password protection on your filters makes KMD ideal for family use and keeps your search results safe.

  • Not Finding Stuff?

    More intelligent alerts help you get the most out of your searches.

And all the usual stuff (I wonder if it's still got the bloated spyware... ;) )

News source: KaZaA Media Desktop 1.6

Download: KaZaA Media Desktop (KMD) v1.6 (133k)

Download: Morpheus To KaZaA Migration Tool (m2k) v1.0

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