Kinect apps are now becoming available in the Windows Store

Microsoft has announced that Kinect apps are now becoming available in the Windows Store which represents a great step forward for developers and users alike.

Kinect for Windows has been available for a long time, but until now the peripheral was mainly used for very specific proprietary applications, such as in the medical industry, or different technology testing scenarios. However, there was never a simple and safe way for regular users to download applications developed with Kinect.

But that’s now changing as Microsoft is, for the first time, allowing apps that support Kinect to show up and be distributed through the Windows Store. This is a good opportunity for devs as they finally have a good distribution platform, and it’s also handy for users who can now get easy access to apps that make use of the peripheral.

Microsoft is highlighting three such apps, that are currently available in the Store: Nayi Daisha, an education app; YAKiT, that enables anyone to create animations; and 3D builder which lets users create models that can then be printed in 3D. And while these aren’t exactly showstoppers or must-have apps, they do highlight what the Kinect is capable of.

Here’s hoping more such examples show up on the platform and that Kinect finally gets some killer apps.

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