Korea is coming to Civilization VI with upcoming expansion

Firaxis announced Rise and Fall, Civilization VI's very first expansion, last month. In addition to all the new features arriving with the expansion, it is set to bring eight new civilizations to the game, and today the developer revealed one of them to be Korea.

Queen Seondeok leads Korea, and her unique leader ability is Hwarang, which gives all cities with a Governor a 5% bonus to Culture and Science. Governors are a new addition coming to the game with the upcoming expansion.

The Seowon is Korea's unique district, and while it replaces the standard Campus district, it provides six Science. However, the downside is that any other district built adjacent to a Seowon will reduce the amount of Science it provides, and it can only be built on hills.

Korea's unique ability, Three Kingdoms, ties in with Seowons as well, as all mines and farms that are built next to the district provide bonus science and food respectively. And lastly, arriving as Korea's unique unit is the Hwacha, a mobile ballista that cannot move and attack in the same turn, but makes up for it with powerful ranged attack capabilities.

As evident by all of Korea's unique aspects, the civilization could become a must pick for players going for Science victories. Korea is set to arrive with the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion, which is available for pre-order on Steam now for $29.99, on February 8.

Source: Civilization

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