Lenovo reveals thinner and lighter 27-inch Horizon 2 Windows 8.1 all-in-one

In 2013, Lenovo launched the IdeaCentre Horizon, a 27-inch Windows 8 all-in-one PC that could also double as a huge stand-alone tablet. While other PC makers like Dell, HP and Sony have released similar products, none of them have had as big of a display as Lenovo's device.

Today, as part of the company's CES 2014 announcements, Lenovo has revealed plans to release the Horizon 2. This new version of the all-in-one PC, besides ditching the "IdeaCentre" branding is supposed to be thinner and lighter than the original; the Horizon 2 will weigh 15.4 pounds compared to 17.8 pounds for the IdeaCenter Horizon.

The Horizon 2 keeps the 27-inch display of the original but versions will be available in two screen resolutions; one will support 1920x1080 while the other can handle up to 2560x1440. The processor inside will be Intel's fourth generation Core i7 chip (no specifics yet) and will support up to 8GB of RAM. It will have a 500GB hard drive for storage, with the option to add an 8GB SDD for fast cache support.

As with the original, the Horizon 2 can be placed flat on a table or a floor with Lenovo's new version of its Aura user interface, with up to four hours of battery life. The Horizon 2 also adds in NFC support for the first time which Lenovo says will add more features. It states:

For example, users can now access media from their PC or smartphone on their home network directly on Horizon 2’s display when it lays flat in Table Mode with the Aura interface activated. They can either use the new Horizon mobile app to shake their mobile Android device, allowing the content to “fall” onto Horizon 2’s screen. Or they can place the mobile device on the screen, which signals to the Aura dial to open around it and “pull” out content onto Horizon 2’s display. Also, users can edit photos and share directly from Aura to Facebook.

Lenovo will start selling the Horizon 2 in June for the starting price of $1,499.

Source: Lenovo email press release | Image via Lenovo

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