Master Lock smart padlocks offer Bluetooth authentication and digital keys

Master Lock is no stranger when it comes to keeping things safe. The company has been in business since the early 1900's and offers an expansive line of locks for personal and business. Like many products have been enhanced over the years with "smart" capabilities, Master Lock has created a new line of padlocks, that connect via Bluetooth and offer enhanced smart features.

In order to take advantage of the smart features, users will have to download the Master Lock app and pair the device to the lock. When the paired device comes within proximity of the lock, it will be able to be unlocked. If the device is not present, the lock can still be unlocked, by inputting a combination using the directional pad. Owners will also have the option to assign digital keys, to allow friends to open the lock without the original paired device to be present.

The Bluetooth Smart Padlock is now available in two variants - the 4400D indoor padlock and 4401DLH outdoor padlock. The locks can be purchased directly from the Master Lock website starting at $49.99.

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