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Alienware is launching its first wireless mouse and keyboard designed for pro PC gamers

alienware pro keyboard and mouse

Dell's Alienware PC gaming division is best known for its high-end PC desktop, laptops, and their gaming PC monitors. Indeed, at CES 2024, the company announced new QD-OLED monitors, including one with a 4K display.

In addition, Alienware announced a new wireless mouse and wireless keyboard made for pro PC gamers. The Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse and Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard were also designed with the input of over 100 eSports players, including members of Team Liquid.

Alienware's blog post states that its Wireless Pro Mouse's rounded symmetrical shape was designed specifically so that it could be held comfortably by almost anyone. It's also a lightweight mouse at under 60g.

The mouse has an optical sensor of 26,000 DPI. The polling rate for can go as high as 4KHz in wireless mode, with a 0.25ms response time, and as high as 8KHz, with a 0.125ms response time, if you decide to connect it with a USB cable.

Alienware says the mouse's keys include "Magnetic-Force Keyplates with optical switches." What does that mean? Alienware says:

Their magnetic force allows the Pro Mouse to deliver faster debounce times – the time it takes for the switch to register a mouse click – and improves rapid clicking speed while preventing button stick.

The battery on board the mouse will last up to 120 hours at 1KHz polling or up to 32 hours when using the higher 4Khz polling

The new Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard has a smaller 75 percent form factor design. Inside, the keys use the company's custom Alienware Linear Mechanical Switches, which will have a 40g actuation force for speedy response times. However, the keyboard will also support most 5-pin and 3-pin switches, so owners can go in and switch out keys and switches with the included puller tool.

Both of the products will go on sale in North America on Thursday, January 11. The Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse will be priced at $149.99, and the Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard will be priced at $199.99.

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