Max Payne 2 - Official Mod Contest

Almost anyone can write a decent game mod, create a map and then distribute it to other gamers who play it for a few weeks until the next one comes along. Only the true innovator can create an elegant and complex mod in a specified time period. Only a talented few are interested in elevating the mod community into the realm of high art...

The Max Payne 2 mod contest publicly recognizes and rewards talented individuals across the globe that create the most compelling mods in three categories. Winners will be judged by representatives from Remedy, Rockstar, Computer Gaming World and Shacknews. Winners in all categories will have their mods included on CGW's monthly CD, as well as made available for download from the official Max Payne 2 site and a variety of mod community sites around the net.

Utilizing all elements of the Max Payne Max-Ed tools, the winner will create an original mod that expands the gameplay of Max Payne 2. Let your imagination run wild or simply extend the story included with the retail game. The choices in this category are all yours. Length of gameplay is not central to winning this category; rather the most complete, finely tuned mod that brings to life either a new way of playing Max Payne 2 or an exhilarating extension of its current gameplay will be crowned the winner.

As its title implies, originality counts as much as technical skill. Whether its a well-written and unique story, a new mode of play unlike any we've seen before, or a visual style that surprises and delights, the game is your canvas.


Custom Max Payne 2 PC from Falcon Northwest

Complete with Max Payne 2 artwork and illuminated logo.

News source: Rockstar website

View: Computer specs & Image

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