Microsoft adds data about doctors, lawyers, real estate and more to Bing Snapshot

Microsoft introduced the Bing Snapshot box over a year ago, allowing more information about certain topics to show up on the right hand side of a Bing search page result. Today, Microsoft announced yet another expansion of Bing Snapshot that adds a number of new topics that will be included in the info box.

The Bing blog states that Microsoft has added over 150 million entities to the Bing Snapshot database in the last few months. People who search for a specific doctor, lawyer or dentist will now see a Snapshot box with their address, phone number, specialty, experience and education. Also, typing in a residential address could also bring up a real estate listing in the Snapshot box if that property is listed as being for sale, with information like price, square footage and more. The information itself comes via the site.

Microsoft also lists what it calls "web actives" in the Bing Snapshot box, which include celebrities and others that have a high social presence on the Internet. Furthermore, Microsoft says that Bing will offer links for some of those people to their current and previous romantic relationships. (Did you know Tom Cruise and Cher were once an item? That's what his Bing Snapshot says).

As noted in this recent Tech Crunch article, Microsoft has plans to open up Bing Snapshot so that more third party sites and services can supply information entities to its database.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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