Microsoft and Halo 4 win big at annual Game Marketing Awards

Last fall, Microsoft promoted Halo 4 like there was no tomorrow. The Xbox 360 shooter from its in-house developer 343 Industries got a massive marketing campaign that included an event where parts of the small country of Liechtenstein were turned into locations of the sci-fi franchise.

This week, Microsoft was honored for its Halo 4 promotional efforts at the eight annual Game Marketing Summit in San Francisco. Microsoft won several categories at the event's Game Marketing Awards for Halo 4, including having their efforts named as the Outstanding Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year.

Halo 4 also won for Outstanding TV or Theatrical Ad with its Halo 4 Scanned commercial, along with an award for the Best Use of Digital Media or Digital Social Media Marketing. It won yet another award for Standout Overall POP display for the Halo 4 Countdown Counter Unit that was put in place in a number of game retail stores.

Halo 4 also won for the "Thinking Outside Of The Box" category for its promotional event in London in November. That effort featured a massive 50 foot glowing Halo 4 glyph that was flown over the heart of London at night by a helicopter.

Source: Game Marketing Summit | Image via Microsoft

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