Microsoft announces Photos support for Sway

Microsoft has announced easy access to digital story creator Sway via Photos on Windows 10.

All of your photos and images across all devices are now just a click away from being part of your own personal Sway. Sway allows for Microsoft users to publish their stories via their servers and connect it to their personal accounts. An option in Photos named “Tell your story with Sway” gives users the choice to include section headings, associated text, and captions to create a personal narrative around imported photos.

Other media from other platforms can be incorporated into the Sway, such as posts from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, maps, or Living Images.

Sway can be used to create presentations, professional, or personal stories which can be easily shared to anyone online. To create a Sway account, either go to or use this new addition.

Source: Windows | Image: Windows

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