Microsoft apparently working on "Microsoft Loop", a purported workspace app

Microsoft logo on a colorful background

Microsoft is seemingly working on an all-new "Microsoft Loop" application according to an image uploaded by Twitter user FireCube. Although we are speculating here, the new app, from what we can make out", seems to be a workspace collaboration app where multiple users might be able to interact inside it during workplace team meetings or similar collaborative sessions. However, information is absolutely non-existent about it at this point and Loop could be something different entirely.

The image of the new purported Microsoft Loop is given below and the app seems to be running a "VanArsdel Marketing" meet.

Leaked screenshot of alleged Microsoft Loop

For those who don't know, Van Arsdel is an end-to-end UWP sample app for developers that Microsoft released back in 2019. Hence it might be possible that the VanArsdel Marketing meet shown in the image is a possible demo built inside Loop. Or it could simply be a demo that Microsoft is using internally.

FireCube thinks that the new app looks similar to Notion, a useful workspace management app, which we do agree with. The user interface, at least at first glance, does kind of look like the Notion app for desktop.

Notion app for desktop
Notion for desktop

Interestingly, FireCube isn't the first Twitter user to post about the new alleged Microsoft Loop app. Earlier, @ALumia_Italia had also posted about this new app but strangely, Twitter has decided to withhold that tweet for some reason.

Is Microsoft cooking something big that it doesn't want people to know about yet? We wonder.

Curiously, the term "Loop" isn't exactly new for Microsoft as the company had a team called Loop that designed its Arrow Android launcher back in 2015.

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