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Microsoft attracting more interns as the company becomes 'cool again'

Microsoft, like many large companies, likes to bring in a number of college interns to work at its offices over the summer. A new story over at Reuters reports that Microsoft has brought in 1,500 interns to work at its Redmond, Washington campus. The story says that a recent survey from the careers site Glassdoor said that Microsoft was the second most desirable place to be an intern, with Google as the number one company.

However, it appears that the people who intern at Microsoft are also the best paid, at over $6,000 a month. One of these interns, 22-year-old Gbenga Badipe, is quoted as saying, "Microsoft feels cool again. Microsoft products touch almost every area of technology, and everything they do is starting to work together."

Another Microsoft intern, who is not named in the article, feels that Microsoft is a much better company to work for than Google or Facebook, saying that their ideas are "creepy" in terms of their reliance on advertising for their revenues. The unnamed intern states, "What kind of business model is that, shoving ads in peoples' faces?"

Even though both Google and Facebook are aggressive in trying to snag the best interns for their companies, Connie Chan, associate director of Stanford Computer Forum, says that Microsoft is " ... still one of the companies that are doing really well on campus. Whenever Microsoft comes on campus they always have a large crowd interested in what they are doing."

Source: Reuters

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