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Microsoft confirms Windows Backup app can't be removed but promises workaround soon

windows backup app in red indicating bug

Microsoft recently released a Windows Backup app for both Windows 10 and 11, and it was also installed on systems running enterprise editions of the OSs.

As such, some system administrators and IT administrators found themselves somewhat displeased, not with the application itself, but because it did not function and was something seemingly inessential as running it would fail to launch the app with the message "This feature is not supported by your organisation" like the one you can see in the image below:

Windows Backup app not supported on entrprise edition of Windows
Image via binaryzero (Neowin forum)

In a support article, Microsoft has since explained when and why the Backup app was installed automatically and also the reason for the app not launching on such PCs. It writes:

Because Windows Backup is a system component, it was installed to assist users to back up their data to the cloud. However, Windows Backup is only available for users that log-in with a MSA account and not for Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Active Directory (AD) users. Windows Backup is installed by Windows 10 and Windows 11 updates released on and after August 22, 2023. For example, Windows Backup was installed by the following Windows updates and later Windows updates:


By design, Windows Backup is not supported for Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Active Directory (AD) users. If you try to run Windows Backup in this scenario, you will receive the error message "This feature is not supported by your organization." Additionally, Windows Backup will not run if your MSA account is blocked by Group Policy.

Additionally, Microsoft has assured that this inconvenience will be removed later in a future update as the Windows Backup app will stop appearing on the "All apps" or "Installed apps" lists:

Because Windows Backup is a system component, it cannot be removed. However, we will be releasing a future Windows Update that prevents Windows Backup from appearing on certain user interface (UI) screens for Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Active Directory (AD) users that run the Pro, Education, or Enterprise editions of Windows 10 or Windows 11. For example, after the future Windows update is installed, Windows Backup will not appear in the “All apps” or “Installed apps” lists.

You can find the support article on Microsoft's website here at KB5032038.

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