Microsoft Exec Rages Against Vista Upgrade 'Hack'

Sarcasm can be a powerful tool, and a Microsoft executive recently wielded it against industry sources who claim that a loophole exists in one of the software giant's licensing policies. In a scathing blog post last week, Eric Ligman, Microsoft's senior manager of community engagement for small business in the U.S., took aim at reports that Microsoft is giving users the option of buying the Vista SP1 upgrade edition and installing it on any PC, which allows them to avoid paying more than $100 for the more expensive 'full' edition of Vista.

In an article that appeared earlier this month in the Windows Secrets newsletter, Associate Editor Scott Dunn suggested that Microsoft's failure to close this loophole in Vista SP1 suggests that the vendor approved the back door in order to make Vista more appealing to sophisticated buyers.

But according to Ligman, "the fact that there are people writing articles advising people to illegally install software that they are not licensed for 'because they can get it to physically install' just shows how clueless some people are and how willing they are to share that with others.

News Source: CRN

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