Microsoft hints at upcoming Windows 10 campaign in latest advert

Microsoft has released a new video to promote Windows and this could be the beginning of the Windows 10 marketing machine. The company will be releasing the OS later this year and it looks like June is the target.

The clip, that you can watch above, focuses on the foundation of Windows and how the upcoming release of Windows 10 will focus on providing a personal experience. While Windows 10 is not mentioned by name, the advertisement does refer to building a new OS.

The video is 75 seconds long, so we are not sure if this video will be promoted on the cable networks as those ads typically run 30, 60 or 90 seconds in length. Although, this clip does have high production values, so it would not surprise us if Microsoft starts pushing this video on the web or other mediums.

Microsoft has released several new commercials recently including two that ran during the Super Bowl.

While we do not know for certain how Microsoft plans to pitch Windows 10 to the consumer, this clip does give a few hints by showing that the company thinks of Windows 10 as being a personal experience which could be a message that they carry forward.

Source: YouTube | Thanks for the tips everyone!

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