Microsoft improves Bing personalized search with two cool features

The Bing Team announced today that Bing will be getting another important update, one that tailors search queries to you. The update to Bing will take into account your location, finding surrounding restaurants and businesses to return more accurate results. The second addition will be using your previous searches on Bing, generating personalized results based on your search history.

Bing will begin using your physical location, to help generate results for things like "pizza" and "burger" around you. By using your physical location, you won't receive the standard list of results anymore, which put the most popular restaurants and places on the top of the results. However, your personalized search will now return local restaurants on Bing, which are a quick walk or drive away.

Bing results before the update for "pizza":


Bing results after the update for "pizza":


The second new feature, to help improve your personalized search experience, is using your previous search history. Bing will now take into account your search history and use this to help generate results tailored to you. If you previously used Bing to search for "Windows 7 forums" and discovered through your results, the next time your search for the same query, Bing will think you're trying to re-find that website, and promote to the top of your results.

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