Microsoft is forcibly installing the PC Health Check app on Windows 10 PCs

PC Health Check app running on Windows 10 desktop

Windows 11 started rolling out almost a month ago, but since it is being distributed in a staggered manner, not everyone has it yet. Microsoft also offers a PC Health Check app that users can download to find out whether their machine is eligible for the new OS, which is important given the strict system requirements.

While the PC Health Check app was initially released in tandem with Windows 11's system requirements, it also offers diagnostics data across other areas such as battery, storage, and startup time. Now, it appears that Microsoft is forcibly installing the software on Windows 10 machines.

Bleeping Computer reports that KB5005463, which became available a few days ago, installs this application during an OS update. Microsoft has confirmed this via its dedicated page for the update too and noted that people who install the app will have important app updates installed automatically when they open PC Health Check, and that there is no way to disable this.

Obviously, no one likes to have software force-installed on their machine, so there has been public outcry on social media platforms too. The good thing is that users can uninstall PC Health Check via Windows Settings, but the bad thing is that it reportedly reinstalls in subsequent OS updates. Bleeping Computer has highlighted a couple of workarounds to prevent the reinstall of the app, but since it involves making edits to the Registry, proceed at your own risk.

All in all, PC Health Check is a fairly lightweight app (11.5MB on our machine) that does not consume resources when it's closed, so it's not hugely problematic to have the app installed on your PC. That said, the forced installation does remind of the debate surrounding the Get Windows 10 app.

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