Microsoft kills Rooms feature on Windows Phone and Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft is apparently killing the Rooms feature that it introduced with the launch of Windows Phone 8. The company is supposedly planning to revamp the whole system.

Rooms was introduced as a way to communicate with select groups of people such as family or team members. It allowed for private communication, photo and calendar sharing among a select number of participants that you specifically invited to the conversation. It was also cross-platform, albeit with reduced functionality on non-Windows Phones.

However the feature is going away with Microsoft sending an e-mail to users informing them that, come March, new Rooms will no longer be created, while older ones will get frozen. And as keen-eyed users have already noticed, the feature is already completely missing from Windows 10 for phones.

The feature won’t be a big loss for fans of the platform as most people didn’t even know it existed. Indeed, upon hearing the news our forum users had numerous responses along the lines of “What’s Rooms?” and “Never used it, tbh”.

Though that’s not to say Rooms didn’t have any fans, but overall the feature was seen more as a gimmick than an answer to a problem.

Luckily, Microsoft said it would be focusing on “new features in Windows 10 that will help you stay in touch with the people that matter most.” Here’s hoping they’re more useful and appealing than Rooms was.

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